3 Tips on Setting Up a Successful On-Camera Interview

An on-camera customer testimonial involves you having a conversation with your customer on camera. We call that an interview.  Is there an art to having a great conversation? We’ve all had great conversations. Conversations that we wished would last forever. These are the conversations that change our lives. There are, […]

How To Produce Testimonials in a Pandemic?

A Time for Customer Collaboration   Commercials just don’t look or sound the same do they? Depending on your mindset, brand messaging can seem out of place in the current world. The conversation is strained. You can only say, “We’re in this together” so many times. Brands and companies are struggling […]

What’s Your Goal In Telling Customer Stories?

It’s Not Always About You I think a lot of us are thinking of customer testimonials in the wrong way. I’m sure you’ve read articles and blog posts that tout the power of customer testimonials. These stories have headlines that read, “The five reasons why you should be using customer […]

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